Chris Silva

Vital Sign / 2015 / reclaimed wood & acrylic, spray paint / 36" x 36" / $3,800
Happy Accident / 2015 / reclaimed wood and acrylic, spray paint / 25" x 25"
Sailboat / 2014 / reclaimed wood and acrylic, spray paint / 36" x 36" / $3,800
Bright, Brown, & Blue (Collaboration with Lauren Feece) / 2015 / acrylic, spray-paint, reclaimed wood, canvas / 44" x 32"
Forest Fire (Collaboration with Lauren Feece) / acrylic, spray-paint, reclaimed materials / 2015 / 48" x 48"
The Natural World: In A Relationship, But It's Complicated (Collaboration with Lauren Feece) / 2013 / acrylic, spray-paint, reclaimed wood, canvas / 44" x 55"
Lay Down Your Battle Axe And Share Your Spirits (collaboration with Lauren Feece) / 2013 / reclaimed wood and acrylic, spray paint, twine / 30" x 78" / $5,500
Trace Elements (Present Standard show at the Chicago Cultural Center) / 2016 / lacquer, spray-paint, laminate on MDF / 7.5' x 10'
You & I Have Work to Do/ Installation for group show at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery in Oakland, CA / 2015
The Light Consumer / Multi-media installation by Chris Silva & Brian Steckel at Believe Inn, Chicago, IL
More or Less V.1 / Collaborative multimedia installation by Anthony Lewellen, Brian Steckel, Chris Silva, David Cuesta, and John Heenan at Believe Inn, Chicago, IL / 2012
No Snowflake in an Avalanche Ever Feels Responsible / Installation at Walkers Point Center For The Arts, Milwaukee, WI / 2006
Open Hearts Urgery / Collaborative installation with Lauren Feece at "The Group Group Show" for Version 2006, Chicago


2016 – Dissecting Signifiers, Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art, Chicago, IL
2016 – Present Standard, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL
2015 – Human Mess (solo show), Lubeznik Center For The Arts, Michigan City, IN
2015 – The House on Mango Street, National Museum of Mexican Art, Chicago, IL
2015 – Supernatural, Oakland Terminal, Oakland, CA
2015 – Progression, 15th & West Gallery, Chicago, IL
2014 – Invasive Species, Lubeznik Center For The Arts, Michigan City, IN.
2014 – Dock 6 Design + Art #7, Chicago, IL.
2013 – The Light Consumers, Believe Inn, Chicago, IL.
2013 – Paint, Sticker, Paste, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL.
2013 – Neu Folk Revival, Lequivive, Oakland, CA.
2013 – Altar of Loving Intentions, Live installation at International Beethoven Festival, Chicago, IL.
2013 – What Goes Around Comes Around, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL.
2013 – Assemble, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2013 – 83ism, UniBrow Art Gallery, Three Rivers, MI.
2013 – Now See Hear, Believe Inn, Chicago, IL.
2013 – Has-Beens & Wannabes, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL.
2012 – Will To Power, Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL.
2012 – Somewhere Else, UICA, Grand Rapids, MI.
2012 – I Can Arrange That, Walnut Ink Gallery, Michigan City, IN.
2012 – PLAY!, Believe Inn, Chicago, IL.
2011 – Tape: A Celebration, Chicago Art Department, Chicago, IL.
2011 – Is This Thing On?: The Art Of Comedy, Cobalt Studio, Chicago, IL.
2011 – Chicago Street Art Show, Chicago Urban Art Society, Chicago, IL.
2010 – Rubber Swords, Lovers & Fighters, Lorenzo Homar Gallery, Philadelphia
2010 – The Lando Lake Effect, Debut EP from This Mother Falcon (my band)
2009 – Church of Wife, Wuv & Waughter, Gallery 3, San Francisco, CA.
2009 – Mating Call, Believe Inn, Chicago, IL.
2008 – Manifesto, D-Structure, San Francisco, CA.
2008 – Indy Windy Love, IUN Gallery for Contemporary Art, Gary, Indiana
2007 – Allegoric, Bridge Art Fair, London
2006 – Public Display Of Affection, Walker’s Point Center For The Arts, Milwaukee, WI.
2006 – The Group Group Show, Version Fest, Chicago, IL.
2006 – 9 Lives, Parts Unknown Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2006 – Square Foot, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles
2006 – Seasick Rhyme (solo show), Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL.
2005 – Birdhouse, Lab 101, Los Angeles, CA.
2005 – Home Sweet Street, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 – Mike Genovese, Sayre Gomez, Chris Silva, Parts Unknown Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2005 – Tragic Beauty, Open End, Chicago, IL.
2005 – The Natural Low, Victoria, BC, Canada
2004 – Little Utopias, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2004 – Group Show, Governors State University, University Park, IL.
2004 – Amor y Esperanza, Defiance Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2004 – Chris Silva & Juan Angel Chavez, Higher Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2003 – Surface Tension, ARC Gallery, Chicago, IL.
2003 – Chris Silva & Michael Genovese, Page Open Studio Program, Chicago, IL.

2015 – Yollocalli, youth mural project, Chicago, IL
2015 – Art & Street Culture course at SAIC
2015 – OFS Brands, 7′ x 11′ reclaimed materials mural for Chicago showroom
2015 – Tioga Elementary School, youth mural project, Bensenville, IL
2015 – Prudential Building, 7′ x 50′ collaborative mural for new south entry way
2014 – CBRE, 14′ x 26′ wall installation for new Chicago office space
2014 – Youth Mountain Magic, 8′ x 70′ mural with students of my Art & Street Culture course at SAIC
2014 – Linked In, 9′ x 40′ mural commission for new Chicago office space
2014 – SxSW, designed the City Of Chicago’s booth
2013 – Love Now, Mural project for WPB Chamber of Commerce’s Orange Walls Project, Chicago, IL
2013 – With All Of Our Might, Youth mural project for Yollocalli, Chicago, IL
2013 – Endgrain, Interior reclaimed wood mural for the Chicago restaurant
2012 – Sailing To The Home Of The Heart, Youth mural project for Yollocalli, Chicago, IL
2012 – Boom Boom, Youth mural project for After School Matters, Chicago, IL
2012 – Diamonds + 1 x Infinity, Large art piece for Prime 8 Art League, Chicago, IL
2012 – Back To the Future Primitive, Large mural commission for 1871, Chicago, IL
2011 – 63rd Street Magic, Collaborative mural with Ruben Aguirre, Chicago, IL
2011 -Plant Seeds, Temporary mural for IN:SITE Projects, Milwaukee
2008 – Running Man, Watercut steel sculpture, Sound Transit System, Seattle, WA
2006 – Most Of Us…,Temporary mural for IN:SITE Projects, Milwaukee, WI
2005 – You Are Beautiful, Large mural commission for City of Chicago
2004 – Amor, Large mosaic commission, Chicago Transit Authority
2003 – Amor, Esperanza, Alma, Mural commission for Uprise Skateshop, Chicago, IL
2002 – Pajaro De La Luz Brillante, Mural for Westtown Center For Aging, Chicago, IL

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2015 – 3Arts, Awardee
2014 – Maker Grant, Honorable Mention
2012 – ArtPrize, Jury Award, Best 3D Piece, Grand Rapids Michigan
2008 – London International Creative Competition, Honorable Mention
2007 – Illinois Arts Council, Fellowship Grant
2005 – CAAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs

Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI.
City of Chicago Public Art Collection
Chicago Public Schools

I see art as a way of thinking and acting in the world rather than merely a stylistic or material practice. I
am concerned with how people relate to the self, to each other and to their environment and aim to give
artistic presence to my humanity and concern, or simply to present a joyous and generous alternative to
the divisive and hateful forces at work in our world. I believe audio/visual beauty sets a tone which
helps to facilitate more harmonious social interactions in it’s presence. I seek to make work which is
engaging to children, speaks to the inner children of adults, and has a healthy dose of unpretentious
complexity. I appreciate eye candy, but work to include a serving of soul food in my offerings. I’m
interested in visual work which is felt intuitively, in much the same way music is experienced. I seek
beauty, resonance, and harmony through interesting combinations of, color, texture, lighting, sound,and
partnership with collaborators. My frequent practice of collaboration seeks to pursue a less self-centric
approach to art making – one which embraces the challenge of sacrificing individual control, or credit,
for the greater good of the projects, and in the service of a larger community. I am more interested in
seeing what we can do than merely showing what I can do.

While philosophically framed by these intentions, I encourage my work to reveal its own logic, speak
its own language, and remain open, since that is how I find the most resonant beauty and poetry

-Chris Silva