Zach Taylor

Trance / 2016 / acrylic on panel / 48" x 48" / PLS INQ
Common Still-Life / 2016 / acrylic on panel / 40" x 48" / SOLD
Aphotic Reflection / 2016 / acrylic on panel / 42" x 42" / PLS INQ
acrylic on canvas attached to panel / 2016 / acrylic on canvas attached to panel / 48"x 48" / PLS INQ
Her Voice Collapsed Into An Echo / 2016 / oil on canvas / 24" x 24" / PLS INQ
Cafe Mirror / 2016 / oil on canvas / 24" x 24" / PLS INQ
The Blue Light Inside / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24" / PLS INQ
Red Coat / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24" / SOLD
Ringing Silence / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24" /SOLD
Eventually Finding Ourselves / 2016 / oil on panel / 48" x 48" / SOLD
Knowing You Were There, but Not Seeing You / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24" / SOLD
Feeling Watched / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24" / SOLD
I Knew I Would Never See You Again / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24" / SOLD
Abandoned Shelter / 2016 / oil on panel / 24" x 24"/ SOLD
Installation View "Everything Forever" / 2016
Installation View "Everything Forever" / 2016
Installation View "Everything Forever" / 2016
Installation View "Everything Forever" / 2016
Installation View "Everything Forever" / 2016
Installation View "Everything Forever" / 2016
Plane 1 / 2016 / latex acrylic paint / 12" x 6" / PLS INQ
Plane 2 / 2016 / latex acrylic paint / 12" x 6" / PLS INQ
Legal Pad / 2016 / latex acrylic paint / 9" x 11" / PLS INQ
Scatter / 2016 / latex acrylic paint / variable / PLS INQ
Legal Pad Installation / 2016 / latex acrylic, wood stool / 18" x 12" x 12" / PLS INQ
Still Life / 2014 / oil and acrylic on panel / 42"x 42" / $6,500
Beautiful Rat / 2014 / acrylic on drywall / 18" x 16" / $2,400
Blue Tape Study on Simulated Drywall / 2013 / acrylic on plywood / 17" x 11" / $1,500
Fake Ice Block on Chain / 2014 / acrylic and plaster on plywood / 13" x 10" / $2,200
Dimensions / 2014 / acrylic on oak hardwood / 9" x 12" / $2,200
All Hat, No Cattle / 2013 / automobile vinyl wood grain collage / 18" x 18" / $2,400
Estuary in Afternoon / 2013 / oil on panel / 30"x 30" / PLS INQ
Assembly 1 (collaboration w/Aaron Williams) / 2010 / drawings, photos, found and personal items, and 200 year old copper nail / 48" x 36" x 4" / PLS INQ

Artist Statement: September, 2016.

My art practice is an examination of material capabilities, technical applications and process design that leads to a body of work about emotion, experience, and environment. Abstractions of memory, material, objects and emotion allow the work to be conceptualized and constructed within the interstice between normality and the ethereal. The work is made to communicate personal experiences and interpretations of my surroundings to the audience. The concept is a combined analogous thread of information that describes my personal life and studio process. By interpreting images through diverse painting techniques and styles, as well as constructing simulations of ordinary objects with paint, the overall body of work functions as documentation of emotion and memory. The narrative that naturally exists within the work is my own, yet the images and objects are intended to communicate a shared experience with the viewer. This body of work is created as a gesture of honesty through abstracted realism, seeking to illustrate and decipher experiential details of human individuality and uniformity. The thoughts, images, and objects forming this exhibition are intended to be viewed singularly and en masse, establishing a psychedelic and uncanny aperture into the haze and noise of navigating life.

Born 1975, Logansport, IN.
Living in Los Angeles, CA.


2013-2015 MFA Visual Arts program at Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL.(Graduation date April 25th, 2015)
1997-2000 BFA Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.
1994-1997 Fine Art study at Ball State University, Muncie, IN.


2013 July- White Oak Conservation Plantation, Yulee, FL. Land Art Study and Installation with artist Alan Sonfist.

Grants and Fellowships:

2013-2015 Mark and Kimbra Walter Fellowship. Jacksonville University. 1999 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Fellowship Grant
1998 School of the Art Institute of Chicago Travel Grant.



-Linda Warren Projects: Solo Exhibition of painting and sculpture. October-December 2016.
-MAMA Gallery: New sculptural work on display. (Non exhibition) September 2016.
-Los Feliz Museum of Contemporary Art: Inaugural Exhibition.  An exhibition, an installation, and a performance in Los Angeles, CA.  Feb. 2016.


-MAMA Gallery: Inaugural exhibition group show. MAMA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.
Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015.
-Linda Warren Projects: New sculptural work on display from MFA Thesis study at Jacksonville Univ.


-MFA Summer exhibition at Alexander Brest Museum of Fine Art, Jacksonville University,  Jacksonville, FL. August of 2014
-Linda Warren Projects: Recent paintings on display. Chicago, IL


-Mars… Sound Sculpture Performance. Beach Plaza Hotel. Miami Beach, FL. Dec.
-Strange Places Exhibition of Site-Specific artwork. White Oak Conservation
Plantation. Yulee, FL. July 2013.


-Carter&Citizen Gallery: Culver City, CA. Sound performance, March 2012


-NEXT ART FAIR: Exhibition of Emerging Art. Special exhibit sculpture and
performance in collaboration with Aaron Williams. Represented by Linda Warren Gallery.
Chicago, IL. Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL.
-POD OF ABSENCE Sound Performance at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
-BACK STABBETH Various spontaneous public sound performances with art
collective known as, “Back Stabbeth”. Los Angeles, CA.


-FINISHED…Collaborative Exhibition with Aaron Williams Oct-Nov 2010
Linda Warren Gallery, Chicago.
-LET’S GET NERVOUS! DIY Gallery. Group sound exhibition. Los Angeles.
-ART CHICAGO 2010 Merchandise Mart: Linda Warren Gallery, Chicago. PRETTY RAD DIY Gallery. Collaboration exhibition. March 2010


-ART CHICAGO 2009 Merchandise Mart: Chicago, IL


-DIY Gallery group show. March 2008. Los Angeles, CA
-ART CHICAGO 2008 Merchandise Mart: Linda Warren Gallery Chicago, IL
-SOMEWHERE, ELSEWHERE Linda Warren Gallery. Group show. Dec.


-NEW WORK  Linda Warren Gallery – Solo Show Chicago, IL
-DIY Gallery May 26th-June 15th Los Angeles, CA
-ART CHICAGO 2007 Merchandise Mart: Chicago, IL


-MCA Museum of Contemporary Art Annual benefit auction. Chicago, IL
-NEW WORK Linda Warren Gallery on Exhibit June-July 2006
-SUPERFANTASTIC PRODUCTION group exhibit. Porto, Portugal.
-FRESH START One-night exhibition, McCall Foundation. Santa Monica, CA.
-ART LA Santa Monica, CA
-ULTIMATE GARAGE SALE II Society for Contemporary Art. Chicago.


-NEW WORK Linda Warren Gallery June-July Chicago, Il.
-ART CHICAGO 2005 Linda Warren Gallery, Chicago.


-OUT OF A CORNER Linda Warren Gallery, Chicago, Il


-ART BOAT 2003 exhibition at Navy Pier, Chicago, Il
-PRESENTING…Green Room Gallery, Chicago, Il


-SHOWTEL A one-night, site-specific exhibition at Hotel Biba
West Palm Beach, FL.


-STOCK painting exhibition at Sixspace Gallery, Chicago

Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Los Feliz Museum of Contemporary Art: February 2016. Los Angeles, CA.
Linda Warren Projects: October-December 2016. Chicago, IL.
2007 NEW WORK Linda Warren Gallery Oct. 19th-Nov.24th Chicago, IL
2006 NEW WORK Linda Warren Gallery. Chicago, IL.

Collaborative Exhibitions:

-FINISHED  A Collaborative Exhibition with Aaron Williams Oct-Nov 2010 Linda Warren Gallery Chicago, IL
-PRETTY RAD DIY Gallery, Collaboration w/Aaron Williams. March 2010


Private: Numerous private art commissions.


Corporate: Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Chicago, Il. Flashpoint Academy, Chicago, IL
Private: Numerous private art collections in the USA, Europe and Canada.

Gallery Representation:

Linda Warren Projects, Chicago, IL.


-Odd Mailing #2: Limited production art book. Published by artist Conrad Freiburg at Released Nov. 2012
-Zach Taylor: New Work Exhibition catalog for Solo Exhibit at Linda Warren Gallery Chicago,

  1. Oct.- Nov. 2007 Blurb Press. Pub. 11/2007

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SAG/AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild/ American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)–Stunt Drivers Union Member

Charity Benefits and Fine Art Donations:

Pieces Of Heaven Charity art auction benefit for The Art Of Elysium. Los Angeles 2015, 2016.
-Cass County Historical Society: Logansport, IN. Landscape oil painting donated upon
request. 2010
-Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago Benefit Auction 2006: Aug. 28th @
Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago
-Ultimate Garage Sale: Society for Contemporary Art of Chicago benefit for MCA.
Chicago, IL. February 2006
-Fresh StArt: Contemporary Art Charity Benefit. Santa Monica, CA April 2006