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Interview: Nicole Gordon – “Nicole Gordon Paints Psychedelic Dreams”

July 16, 2017 – PROHBTD

If someone drops acid at Disney World, will the experience be more magical? That depends on the person’s perspective and the type of trip that unfolds…   Read more

Review: Chris Uphues – “Positive Mass: Chris Uphues at Linda Warren Projects”

July 12, 2017 – New American Paintings

It is safe to say that we are in a political climate anyone, save but a very few, can truly enjoy, and even safer to say that few of them would ever make their way to Linda Warren Projects to bask in the Heavy Sunshine of Chris Uphues’ solo show…   Read more

Guest Blog: Nicole Gordon – “Dehydrated Rainbow”

July 12, 2017 – Wow x Wow

With my newest body of work, ‘Dehydrated Rainbow’, I have been primarily focused on the core concept of creativity when over-programming goes away. These dreamscapes represent the internal worlds that we can create when we aren’t distracted by daily scheduling…   Read more

Review: Tom Torluemke – “Watercolors that Gush with Color and Creativity”

May 29, 2017 – Newcity Art

Tom Torluemke’s recent shows have featured narrative painting, and something like a human body is represented in the large watercolor “In Search of the Lost Sole by the Sea” in this exhibition. The cartoonish fragments of leg, nose and eye, as well as the wordplay, continues the tradition of Chicago Imagists…   Read more

Review: Scott Carter – “Outdoor public art exhibit in Oak Park invites visitors to lay down a beat”

March 21, 2017 – Chicago Tribune

I just want to bang the drums all day. Todd Rundgren sang that in “Bang the Drum All Day” way back in 1982. It’s not clear whether the same sentiment would apply to the very special set up drums — made entirely of concrete — that comprises artist Scott Carter’s outdoor public art installation “Choke,” opening March 19 in Oak Park. But why not?…   Read more

Review: Alex O’Neal – “Alex O’Neal: Hiding Places in a Dream”

March 12, 2017 – Two Coats of Paint, courtesy of Katarina Wong of MADE Art

Contributed by Katarina Wong / Alex O’Neal is an artist based in Cooperstown, New York, whose recent show “Hiding Places in a Dream” at Linda Warren Projects in Chicago was a visual knock-out – a dizzying array of hyper-saturated canvases balanced with intimate, small-scale drawings. Throughout the exhibition, O’Neal continues to develop his highly personal visual language…   Read more

Review: Chris D. Smith – “Digging Deep into Delicate Camouflage”

March 7, 2017 – Newcity Art

The agitated surfaces in Chris Smith’s new show at Linda Warren Projects flutter and fidget like the struts of the Morgan Street station as the Green Line rollicks overhead. Featuring a collection of five large oils on canvas and a concentrated group of thirteen mixed-media panels, Smith’s works are part autobiography, part history of the medium. Like an obsessed archaeologist, one’s impulse here is to dig deep…   Read more

Review: Nicole Gordon – “Finding The Painter Within”

March 3, 2017 – Sheridan Road Magazine

As a busy mom to three young boys, Glencoe’s Nicole Gordon found it difficult to push forward in her career as a working artist when she and her husband decided to call the North Shore home three years ago….   Read more

Review: Kim Piotrowski – “Kim Piotrowski: Pushing Corners at Linda Warren Projects”

November 20, 2016 – Delicious Line, Inc.

Glistening with metallic leaf, iridescent medium, and interference paint, the brilliant hues that adorn Kim Piotrowski’s works vibrate like the walls of the Morgan Street Station as the Green Line zips overhead…   Read more

Review: Michiko Itatani – “Michiko Itatani: Starry Night Encounter”

September 2016 – ARTPULSE Magazine

There is, above all else with Starry Night Encounter-with Michiko Itatani-a sense of continuity, an expansive, ever running and ever there cosmology, connected and demarcated with visible filaments born of a syringe and a steady but free hand, strung through by frozen ligaments, a complete concept whole and massive and intelligent and invisible, mesmerizing and unsettling in its beauty and alienness, an octopus winking through an aperture in the rock, lushly developed and wholly evolved, albeit in a singular expression, a rich novel …  Read more

Review: Glenn Goldberg – “Colorful Canvases that Transform Worn-Out Clichés”

September 30, 2016 – Hyperallergic

My four-year-old sometimes plants his feet against my middle-aged chest and pushes off as though my body were bedrock. Glenn Goldberg does the same thing with his chosen iconography: generic images of birds, dogs, flowers, rainbows, and rubber duckies, the sorts of things you’d expect to find decorating a Middle-American house alongside garden gnomes, cross-stitch homilies, and perhaps a Norman Rockwell calendar. In short, 1950s white America’s vision of cozy domesticity…   Read more

Interview: Matt Woodward – “Inaccessible: The Commodified Built Environment”

August 19, 2016 – Red Wedge Magazine

Matt Woodward’s work addresses the divestment of historical referent from the commodified American monumental structure, and its effect on the collective psyche. In 2014, he spoke with one of Ashley Bohrer’s classes about his exhibit at Comfort Station in Chicago, It Ended With My Putting It On. This conversation is an extension of that one. – The Editors…   Read more

Review: Joseph Noderer – “Horse Hill Waugh and Other Views”

July 1, 2016 – New American Paintings

And so the very places from which we spring are rendered forever vernal, and is it any wonder, when seen from Chicago or Austin, Texas, that Joseph Noderer’s native Western Pennsylvania is wonderfully, gloriously green, the rich vibrating verdancy of budding life, of the fresh, warm, silent engine driving forth most all the nature around it, the kind of green worth dying forand people have! so many have—…   Read more

Review: William Eckhardt Kohler – “Alchemy + Elements”

July, 2016 – NewCity

Gallery X at Linda Warren Projects is a room within a room, a kind of inner sanctum for weary pilgrims traveling through the West Loop.   Read more

Review: Jennifer Presant – “Lost & Found”

May, 2016 – NewCity

I love the great outdoors but I have some difficulty with bugs, weather and inconvenience, so I totally enjoyed two of Jennifer Presant’s exterior-interior views.   Read more

Jennifer Presant/Linda Warren Projects

May 13, 2016 – Design Stack

Jennifer Presant describes herself as having had a training in figurative realism and a background in graphic design.  Read more

Review: Ed Valentine – “Mapping the Evolution of Ed Valentine’s Formula-Driven Paintings in ‘gatherEd'”

May 13, 2016 – Artsy

The act of painting has been a fertile area of investigation for Ed Valentine. The conclusions he draws tend to be rooted in construction and process. “gatherEd,” the artist’s second solo show at Angela Meleca Gallery in Ohio, highlights the evolution of his increasingly objective style of painting…  Read more

Nicole Gordon/Linda Warren Projects

April 4, 2016 – Hi-Fructose

Nicole Gordon paints landscapes that lean on the whimsical and somewhat grim, an expression of beauty met with the horrors of real world change and transformation.  Read more

Review: Nicole Gordon – “magnified”

April, 2016 – NewCity

Tiptoeing between reality and the surreal, Nicole Gordon’s exhibition “magnified” presents a whimsical wonderland of phantasmagorical landscapes.  Read more

Review: Tom Van Eynde – “Some of Everything, A Retrospective”

December 14, 2015 – Louise & Maurice

In The Ethics of Ambiguity, French philosopher Simone de Beauvoir wrote: “Regardless of the staggering dimensions of the world about us, the density of our ignorance, the risks of catastrophes to come, and our individual weakness within the immense collectivity, the fact remains that we are absolutely free today if we choose to will our existence in its finiteness, a finiteness which is open on the infinite.  Read more

Review: Nina Rizzo – “You Are Here”

September, 2015 – New American Paintings

It does not matter that Rizzo’s Long Night in the Garden looks like the kind of lush space wherein day never breaks—,  Read more

Review: Doug Fogelson – “Broken Cabinet”

September 15, 2015 – Hi-Fructose

Chicago based artist Doug Fogelson creates mesmerizing photographic images of natural specimins,  Read more

Review: Roots – LWP Group Show

August 7, 2015 – Hyperallergic

In the entire history of art, how many works depict a tree as their main subject? The answer is probably incalculable,  Read more

Review: Lora Fosberg/Linda Warren Projects

July 29, 2015 – Newcity

Fosberg manages to elicit glee and melancholy, a wood-sprite saccharine and bitterly acerbic rumination on life, death and nature. Read more

Blind Man’s Bluff: Tom Torluemke at Linda Warren Projects

April 29, 2015 – Bad at Sports

By following the hunch, pursuing the dream, and unraveling the metaphor, Torluemke seems to have developed a method for finding his way in the dark. Read more

Review: Paula Henderson: “…Looking for You in the Mirror…”

March 2015 – art ltd.

By James Yood. It’s like a magic night sky where one can imagine her figures cavorting, with everything on the brink of becoming something else. Read more

Review: Paula Henderson/Linda Warren Projects

January 21, 2015 – Newcity

The brutal abstraction of the human body is among the most beautiful and appalling motifs one could hope to work in or imbibe. Read more

Review: Carson Fox/Linda Warren Projects

November 22, 2014 – Newcity

There is something inherently playful, yet disconcerting, when one first approaches Carson Fox’s “Mimesis.” Read more

Catch and Release: Kim Piotrowski at Linda Warren Projects

October 1, 2014 – Bad at Sports

I stand suspended in the gallery, surrounded by effort–large and small. Piotrowski has transformed the space to not only display her achievements, but to advance her inquiry. Read more

Review: Kim Piotrowski/Linda Warren Projects

September 30, 2014 – Newcity

The sheer intensity and level of attack sustained in painter Kim Piotrowski’s first solo show with Linda Warren Projects remained palpable days after I viewed it. Read more

Review: Joseph Noderer/Linda Warren Projects

May 8, 2014 – Newcity

It’s a gothic tale, like “Wuthering Heights,” where nature has reclaimed that problematic experiment we call civilization—made all the more compelling because Noderer is such an expressive and painterly image maker. Read more

Review: Emmett Kerrigan/Linda Warren Projects

January 23, 2014 – Newcity

Emmett Kerrigan climbed onto the roof of his home and photographed views of his West Town neighborhood. Then he put those urban scenes into paint—the uniformly thick paint preferred by some self-taught artists and those who study that technique to deliver a sense of gut-felt immediacy rather than objective observation. Read more

Review: Lora Fosberg/Linda Warren Projects

January 7, 2014 – Newcity

Fosberg’s aptly titled exhibition “The End of Absurdity” pairs low-relief plaster panels and line drawings with small-scale found object sculptures. In all of Fosberg’s works, she presents depictions of a potential future in a world that resembles something very close to ours. Read more

Critic’s Picks: Chicago

January, 2014 – art ltd.

By James Yood. It’s often true that when artists say they are interested in nature, they actually mean human nature, which is the only path through which we perceive anything. Chicago artist Lora Fosberg, whose exhibition “The End of Absurdity” runs at Linda Warren Projects through February 15, puts me in mind of that–her work is a witty and gentle raillery about both kinds of nature, and the stresses and strains of coordinating them. Read more

Review: Michiko Itatani: “Cosmic Kaleidoscope”

November 2013 – art ltd.

By James Yood. Even a maelstrom has some kind of structure. Michiko Itatani, born and raised in Japan and an artist and professor in the US since the 1970s, always mines that territory between the physical and the metaphysical, between what we think we perceive around us and what we suspect might underpin it, between the specific and the astral, as for Itatani, they always partake of each other. Read more

Linda Warren Projects named in “Top 500 Galleries” by Modern Painters

August 26, 2013 – Modern Painters

Chicago; Focus: Contemporary; Artists: Juan Angel Chavez, Chris Cosnowski, Peter Drake, Lora Fosberg, Conrad Freiburg, Carson Fox, Michiko Itatani, Emmett Kerrigan, Joseph Noderer, Alex O’Neal, Kim Piotrowski, Nina Rizzo, Ed Valentine, Tom Van Eynde, Matthew Woodward. Read more

Review: Glenn Goldberg: ‘Other Places’

August 8, 2013 – New York Times

By Roberta Smith. The 31 paintings in Glenn Goldberg’s latest show all measure 16 by 12 inches. Not only smaller but also less abstract, symmetrical and fastidious than many of his recent efforts, they suggest a new freedom in the art of this slightly under-the-radar painter. Read more

Review: Conrad Freiburg/Linda Warren Projects

July 2, 2013 – Newcity

RECOMMENDED Like most Americans, I keep the idea of death’s unforgiving grasp safely confined to the periphery of my subconscious via a gentle stream of sex, alcohol and vaguely pointless amusement. Our society, pathologically ill-equipped to deal with grief in any kind of serious way, allows for little else. So it should come as no surprise that Conrad Freiburg’s fun-loving memento mori, “Before the Grave and Constant” at Linda Warren Projects, fits neatly into this bitter-pill-washed-down-with-mountains-of-sugar cultural ethos. Read more

To Profit or Not? How Art Galleries Make Money in Chicago, and Why Some Choose Not To

May 16, 2013 – Newcity

One West Loop art dealer, Linda Warren, owner of Linda Warren Projects, wants to grow a non-profit arm on her for-profit gallery. She calls it Higher Art: Conscious Corporate Collecting, and it involves her gallery selling art made by inner-city school children to corporations and businesses. Read more

Linda Warren Gallery turns 10 in 2013

January 1, 2013 – Chicago Gallery News

Linda Warren’s past 10 years in Chicago have gone by quickly: the gallery will officially turn 10 this June. Thinking about how she got started, as well as what’s ahead, Warren was in a reflective mood when we spoke in the fall. Read more

Tom Torluemke: “Ring Around The Rosie” at Linda Warren Gallery

July, 2012 – art ltd.

Tom Torluemke is what we used to call a cultural worker, the kind of blue-collar proletarian artist so caught up in the liberating possibilities of being an artist that stuff just seems to exude out of him. He’s sort of a force of nature: a muralist and public sculptor, a painter, collagist and wood carver; he works in both abstract and representational modes (and in several arenas of each); he’s run a storefront gallery and workshops all over the place–all this and more from the rust-zone nether regions of Northwest Indiana, a wistfully decaying place that culture pretty much forgot. Read more

Interview with Chicago Gallerist Linda Warren of Linda Warren Projects

Apr 10, 2012 – Chicago Art Magazine

“I had no idea that I would ever turn it into a gallery. I was in the film business, working in production (ultimately becoming an Associate Producer on the last few big-budget films I worked on), and that was how I made my living. It was a sort of brutal experience – almost every film was a ringer doozy pain in the ass – and it was just not my passion at all.” Read more

Conrad Freiburg: “The Blind Light, the Pyre of Night” at Linda Warren Gallery

September, 2011 – art ltd.

Art has always been a vehicle for complex and idiosyncratic procedural belief systems, for constructing arcane visual systems for whatever ideology or fantasy or obsession that might be mesmerizing some artist somewhere. I’ve only the most marginal idea of what Chicago-based artist Conrad Freiburg’s recent exhibition, “The Blind Light, the Pyre of Night,” is actually about, but have no doubt that he could account for every flick of a pencil and hammering of a nail, that it all comes together for him in pristine and irrefutable logic. Read more

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